Installing your shelves:

Angle Brackets

Beautiful Views clear acrylic window plant shelf angle bracket mount
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Angle Brackets are the easiest and the fastest method available to install your hanging window plant shelves.

Really! It only takes about 5 minutes to install your shelves once you have all of your tools and materials available.


Hammer – Pencil – Tape Measure – Ladder


There should be at least an 8″ distance between the top of your trim and the ceiling so that you will have enough room to use the hammer to drive in the nails supporting the Angle Bracket.

Note: Your window must have a “depth” of at least 2″ for the shelves to hang properly. See images below.

Angle Bracket Install Video


Beautiful Views clear acrylic window plant shelf hook mount
Download Installation PDF

Hooks, along with being easy to install, perfectly compliment the minimalist styling of the shelves.


Tape Measure – Pencil – Ladder – Drill & proper sized bit to drill pilot holes for hooks


To use hooks the window needs to be at least 4″ deep. We provide basic utility-style hooks, customer is responsible for purchasing decorative hooks if desired.

Hooks should have a screw shank of at least 1″ so that they can penetrate far enough into the frame to safely support your plants.

Our plant shelves can also be suspended from the ceiling using Ceiling/Swag type hooks. Contact us about setting up your unit with a custom cable length if you need to use a ceiling mount. We do NOT provide ceiling hooks.

Hook Install Video

Extension Mounts

Beautiful Views clear acrylic window plant shelf extension mount with blinds
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Shallow windows and windows with blinds will need Extension Mounts to “push” the window plant shelves out far enough to hang freely in the window.

Extension Mounts are available in two sizes: 2.5″ and 5″. Both mounts are adjustable so you can extend your shelves out just a little or to the maximum allowed by each mount.


Pencil – Tape Measure – Drill & 1/8″ bit for pilot hole – Screw Driver – Step Ladder – Wrench ?/16ths


Mounts should be installed 19″ apart for 20" units and 27" apart for 28" units – measured from the center of each mount.

2.5" Extension Mounts shown in photo.

Extension Mount Install Video

No Trim Mount Block

Beautiful Views clear acrylic window plant shelf no trim mount with angle bracket
Download Installation PDF

If your window does not have trim you can still utilize all three of our mounting methods: Angle Brackets, Hooks, and Extension Mounts.


Pencil – Tape Measure – Drill & 1/8″ bit for pilot hole – Screw Driver – Step Ladder

Hooks and Extension mounts will install the same whether the window has trim or not and an Angle Bracket can be installed by attaching a Mounting Block on the wall above the window and attaching the Angle Bracket to the Mounting Block.


All measurements and installation information for HOOKS and EXTENSION MOUNTS will be the same as described in the sections pertaining to those particular mounting methods.

No Trim Mount Block Install Video